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Meet the team

We are a team of design-loving web geeks, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We're always looking for talented people, so feel free to drop us an email or visit our blog for job openings.

Meet the team

Stefan Bech

CEO & Co-Founder

I'm a runner, a skier, a hobbyist photographer, a former gaming champ, and a sucker for all things digital :-) Ping me on @stefanbech

Toke Grøfte

CMO & Co-Founder

I'm a user experience fanatic, foosball player, crossfit enthusiast. Say hi on Twitter @tokeg

Jakob Borg


Software architect, developer, music and head-fi aficionado.

Stefan K. Hansen

Senior Developer

I'm a geek, metal music enthusiast and zombie aficionado.

Giulio Cicalini

Online Community Manager

Italian, football player, indie-rock music lover.

Laura Jul


Passionate about good ideas, concepts, and making a difference. Creative blogger and tech and digital enthusiast. Find me on @LauraJul

Brian Bramsted

Senior Developer

Jehangir Haider


J. Brent Large

Consumer Marketing Manager

I dig my family, the arts, and seeing the world. @jblarge